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Location of the plot : Nuits-Saint-Georges

Grape variety : 100% Pinot Noir

Surface : 0.37 hectares

Culture : Reasoned

Harvest : Manual

Aging : 12 to 14 months in 228 liter barrels (including 50% new barrels and 50% one to three year old barrels)

Characteristics : The nose reminds us of a bouquet of crunchy red berries. Intense notes of cherries and morello cherries mingle with light toasted and roasted notes. A beautiful, harmonious and powerful structure which is typical of the appellation

Keeping : more than 7 years

Serving temperature : 14 - 17 °C

Food and wine pairing : Sweetbread, flank steak, deer, cheese

Nuits-Saint-Georges "Tribourg": Service
Nuits-Saint-Georges "Tribourg": Image
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