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Act I: History of a cru

In 1923 , Louis GROS, son, grandson and great grandson of a family of winegrowers, received as a wedding dowry a first small plot of Gréchons which he enlarged over time. He is only 23 years old and it is as a pioneer that he will clear and plant white grapes, without any machine or other help than that of his strength and a few tools.

In 1927 , he built a shed there and dug a cistern to collect rainwater. When he climbed the hill from the village with his wife Jeanne, his son André and his horse, it was necessary to have shelter in the event of a storm. It was in 1966 that he knew it was his last harvest ... The shed no longer opens, the pines again invade the plot and the old vines are gradually disappearing.

In 1989 , Christian GROS, Louis's grandson, found a few bottles of the last harvests in the cellar. The wine had taken on the color of great whites, aromas and a taste that made Christian dream. For him, no hesitation in taking over the reins! He therefore decided to replant Chardonnay on this plot of a precious terroir facing east.


This white Ladoix had nothing to envy the closest Cortons-Charlemagne, it was then classified as a 1er cru. Clear gold, pleasing to the eye, today it offers floral notes, a bouquet of honey and acacia.

In 2018 , Julien and Nicolas took up the torch for great adventures, to be continued ...


Act II: Methods of cultivation and elaboration of wine

We are committed to the protection of our land, involved in a sustainable development process. We limit our impact on the environment: sustainable cultivation (plowing, disbudding and manual harvesting), no use of weedkillers, our phytosanitary products are partly in organic control.

We sort our grapes in order to select the best bunches to make our wines. They are aged for a period of 12 to 14 months in barrels of 228 liters for the reds and 500 liters for the whites. The barrels are made from fine-grained 2-year-old wood and made by an association of local coopers.

"To have infinite patience to wait for the correct date of the harvest and to taste the must of the grapes... and yet another ancestral patience for the time of the cellar, the journey from grape to wine."


Act III: The service offered to our customers

We offer all our wines for tasting in our cellar in Premeaux-Prissey.

This system was created more than 200 years ago by the British and was reserved solely for trading activities. It is only since 1980 that private customers can access it. This system allows the estate to sell its wines through allocations before they are bottled. The funds available as a result of these sales are used to finance the expenses related to the operation of the property and for the production of the following year. You can already reserve the future vintages of your favorite wines! For more information contact us.

Savoir-faire: Services
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